Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Feb 11, 2019

These days smart devices are all the rage.We have Alexa and Google giving us information on demand, intuitive lighting that we can program from our phones and smart thermostats that help us save money.Homeowners have […]

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Selecting Your Electricity Plan: Texas Electricity Primer

Aug 28, 2018

A Brief History of Texas Energy Deregulation The state of Texas has experienced a long and sometimes tumultuous relationship with energy. Through most of the last century, each city or region had only a single […]

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Northeast Cold Weather Spells Higher Energy Bills for Residents and Businesses

Feb 01, 2018

Over the past few years, residents in the Northeastern United States have become very familiar with the term “polar vortex” as many of the winters have set new records for low temperatures and snow. The […]

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How Cryptocurrencies’ Rise Affect Electricity Supply

Jan 16, 2018

How the Growth of Cryptocurrencies Could Affect Electricity Demand and Prices From the earliest point of human history, humans traded and bartered for the goods and services they desired. The modern era has grown to […]

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Electricity Supply

Dec 29, 2017

When we use electricity at home, we rarely think how it is generated and delivered to us. More importantly, we don’t think how electricity supply and delivery affect our ability to use refrigerator or television, […]

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Commercial Electricity Demand

Nov 26, 2017

Unlike residential meters, commercial supply is traditionally split between generation and demand charges. While generation is well understood – it is simply the electricity consumed over a certain period of time multiplied by average rate, […]

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