Business electricity

Business Electricity

Oct 11, 2017

There are over 20 million businesses in the United States. 90% of these are small, employing less than 500 people. While their electricity consumption varies widely from state to state, the southern states like Arizona or Texas consume about 30% more than northeastern states like Massachusetts or Rhode Island. In fact, the further north one goes the lower the power demand. Businesses in states like Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine on average consume only 3,500 kWh monthly ...

Energy Tax Benefits

Aug 30, 2017

There are many benefits to energy efficiency, and that includes the benefits that put money in your wallet. When you take the initiative to remodel your home with more energy efficient features, you will lower your energy rates and pay for those remodeling projects over time. If you are concerned about the status of the environment, then efficiency is an excellent way to do your part in reducing the amount of dangerous emissions from coal-based power plants...

Why energy efficiency benefits both consumers and utilities?

Aug 29, 2017

In a typical business, the business may try to maximize revenue as much as possible to boost profits. This is often accomplished by businesses increasing rates to the highest level that the market will support. However, rather than change rates, utility providers often offer energy efficiency programs to consumers with the goal of reducing energy consumption and helping consumers save money. In deregulated markets, many providers also strive to offer lower rates as opposed to higher rates...

How to Switch Energy Supplier and Save Money on your Electric or Gas Bill

Jul 30, 2017

While switching energy supplier is not a complicated process, it is nevertheless requires either knowledge or careful analysis. For one, there are a few hundred Energy Service Companies (ESCO) offering alternative energy in deregulated states, ranging from small local operators with limited product lineup to very large, serving millions of customers across US...

Compare Electricity Suppliers

Jun 6, 2017

In the latter part of the 1990s, big changes came to the energy industry in several states. Thanks to this deregulation revolution, the residents of these areas are now able to select the company that supplies their electricity based on cost as well as how the power is created. Before understanding how this energy freedom can work to your advantage, however, it is important to recognize one important distinction...

Cheapest Energy Rates

May 8, 2017

Energy deregulation enabled savvy consumers to choose electric and gas suppliers and save money on their electric bill. The process is straightforward: the incumbent utility is still responsible for delivering energy to customers, while supply is outsourced to third party or alternative energy suppliers (ESCO) ...