Electricity Supply

Dec 29, 2017

When we use electricity at home, we rarely think how it is generated and delivered to us. More importantly, we don’t think how electricity supply and delivery affect our ability to use refrigerator or television, […]

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Commercial Electricity Demand

Nov 26, 2017

Unlike residential meters, commercial supply is traditionally split between generation and demand charges. While generation is well understood – it is simply the electricity consumed over a certain period of time multiplied by average rate, […]

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Compare Business Electricity and Reduce Energy Costs

Nov 13, 2017

Businesses are constantly presented with ways they can save money on electricity costs and still maintain their high standards of quality. Whether you find ways to make your operations more energy efficient or decide to […]

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Compare Electricity

Nov 07, 2017

Energy deregulation gave consumers power to choose who supplies electricity to their homes. The states that deregulated electricity allow the residents to select an energy provider who will be responsible for purchasing and transmitting electricity […]

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Energy Tax Benefits

Aug 30, 2017

There are many benefits to energy efficiency, and that includes the benefits that put money in your wallet. When you take the initiative to remodel your home with more energy efficient features, you will lower […]

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Why energy efficiency benefits both consumers and utilities?

Aug 29, 2017

In a typical business, the business may try to maximize revenue as much as possible to boost profits. This is often accomplished by businesses increasing rates to the highest level that the market will support. […]

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