Alternative Energy Service Companies (ESCO)

Deregulation across multiple US states gave consumers power to choose their energy suppliers. While utility companies are still responsible for delivering actual electricity and gas to your door, you now have a choice to purchase your energy from a third party supplier, that has options not otherwise available from your local utility company. From fixed long-term electricity plans, to green energy choices, ESCOs let you take charge of your energy future and save our planet.

Rather than spending days, trying to research available alternative suppliers, compare their plans, and select the offer that is most appropriate, we at PowerSetter do that job for you! We continuously monitor energy marketplace for the best energy offers across ESCOs, making sure to weed out all plans with hidden or monthly fees. We only bring the best available plans from the most reputable suppliers, allowing our residential and business customers have a piece of mind, when it comes to selecting their energy supplier!
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