Benefits of Smart Thermostats

These days smart devices are all the rage.
We have Alexa and Google giving us information on demand, intuitive lighting that we can program from our phones and smart thermostats that help us save money.
Homeowners have been jumping on the smart thermostat bandwagon for quite some time now. The reason is fairly obvious; smart thermostats save people tons of money in the long run. Sure, there is an initial investment, but that loss is quickly gained back with the energy saving technology that smart thermostats bring to the table.
What’s more, over time smart thermostats will start padding your pocketbook by regulating the temperature of the home and conserving energy.

What Is A Smart Thermostat?

Most of us are familiar with regular thermostats that allow users to manually adjust the temperature. There are even versions that allow users to program temperature changes so that the air conditioning is not blasting while they are at work.

Smart thermostats take it to the next level by tracking behavioral patterns and optimizing the heat or cold in the house accordingly. They can also be monitored remotely.
There are plenty of different companies that specialize in these new thermostats. Some of the most popular are as follows:

  • Nest
  • Ecobee
  • Lux
  • Honeywell

Some of these companies have been supplying regular thermostats for decades and are reliable sources for home heating or cooling needs. If making the switch to a smart thermostat is intimidating, simply go with a tried and true brand that you can trust. That way, you know that the quality is there even if the technology is new!

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Smart Thermostat?

Smart Thermostats Watch Over Your Home While You Are Away

Smart thermostats can be monitored by your cell phone so you can always adjust the cooling or heating settings remotely. Programmable thermostats allow you to place heating or cooling settings on specific times, but what happens if you have a meeting and won't be home for when the air conditioning kicks on? With a smart thermostat, you will not be wasting any valuable energy. Simply program it from your phone.

Additionally, your smart thermostat can send you email alerts if there is an issue with your heating or cooling. This service keeps you apprised of any potential problems at your home.

You Will Save Energy

Your smart thermostat works as efficiently as possible to save energy. Once it learns your patterns and habits it will automatically begin a regimen of energy conservation that will keep you comfortable and keep your energy bills low. Plus, it's healthier for the environment!

Smart Thermostats Remove Human Error

It's a fact of life, humans err. When you are setting your own thermostat it's easy to overlook certain things or get a little careless. Since your smart thermostat is a machine, it eliminates human error completely. If you accidentally leave the heat on all day, your smart thermostat can correct the mistake! Eliminating human error is just another way that smart thermostats put money right back into your pocket.

You Can See Accurate Analytics

Many smart thermostats collect data on energy use and give you reports that indicate where you are using the most energy and where you can cut back. Seeing an overview of your cumulative energy use is very helpful for those who want to pare down on use. Traditional thermostats would keep people guessing as to where they were using the most energy. Smart thermostats eliminate any guesswork.

Smart thermostats are certainly the wave of the future. They allow us to have a guardian at our homes while we are away and eliminate our errors so that we don't inadvertently waste precious money. While these new devices are more expensive than traditional ones, the cost you put in up from will be gained back through lower energy bills.

Ways to Get New Smart Thermostat

While you can always shop around and get new device from a place like Amazon, another alternative is to enroll with an alternative electric supplier and receive smart thermostat for free. It is a win win for both you as a consumer and the company that sells you electricity. Imagine you left home and forgot to turn central AC off. Running air conditioner for 10 hours a day will cost between $5 and $10. That could bump your energy consumption by as much as 5,000 kWh, translating into additional $200-$300 monthly charges. While there is a clear benefit to you as a user of the device, what's in it for the supplier you might ask? The supplier benefits through the ability to control your thermostat's settings during periods of high demand lowering their costs. During periods of peak consumption the wholesale electricity costs raise making it more cost-effective for suppliers to reduce the use, as they could be operating at a loss. This strategy is more prevalent in the southern states like Texas where overall electricity usage is high, but now gains popularity in other places.

If you have not checked what alternative suppliers are offering and are on the market for a new smart thermostat you can check available options here.

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