Did you know you can search, compare, and switch natural gas suppliers in Ohio? As an Ohio resident, you have multiple options when choosing your natural gas supplier. Like shopping for a hotel or flight, you can shop a deregulated energy market to find a plan that suits you.

4 Simple Steps to Start Saving with Powersetter

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To begin saving, simply input your Ohio zip code into the search. Click ‘compare rates’ to see what exclusive suppliers and fixed-rate plans are available for your home or business. Select your plan, enter your details, and that’s it. We handle the entire switching process all at no cost to you. We will contact both your old and new provider and make the switch for you. Our goal is to have everything sorted by your next billing cycle.

Why Use Powersetter to Compare Natural Gas Rates?

Fixed-Rate Plans - take the guesswork out of your gas bill and set your fixed term and rate
Trustworthy Suppliers - we have long-term and vetted relationships with every provider we partner with
Preferred Rates & Partnerships - get access to exclusive rates and suppliers that are only available through Powersetter


Duke Energy Service Area

(Price to Compare 62.08¢ per CCF and average monthly usage of 60 CCFs)

Vectren Energy Service Area

(Price to Compare 60.92¢ per CCF and average monthly usage of 60 CCFs)

Columbia Gas of Ohio Service Area

(Price to Compare 60.92¢ per CCF and average monthly usage of 60 CCFs)

Dominion Energy Service Area

(Price to Compare 60.92¢ per MCCF and average monthly usage of 60 MCCFs)

Ohio Residential & Business Natural Gas Rates

As an Ohio resident or business owner, you may be able to search, compare, and switch your natural gas supplier.

Over half the state is still unaware they can take advantage of a deregulated energy market. Meanwhile, millions of property owners have switched their supplier and started saving.

Don’t overpay for your natural gas consumption. Shop in your local area today by entering your zip code into our comparison tool.

Natural Gas Deregulation in Ohio

Deregulation in Ohio means you have a choice of who supplies natural gas to your home or business.

Thanks to deregulation, people are privy to an open energy market. This means suppliers have to compete for your business. In turn, this leads to more perks like excellent contract terms, reward programs, and lower prices.

You still have a local natural gas utility. It’s their responsibility to manage and to maintain the pipes in your area. This means if there’s ever a leak or emergency, you’d call them - not your supplier.

Now natural gas suppliers can partner with your local utility company to offer predetermined, fixed rates for your home or business.

Can you choose your natural gas supplier? Enter your zip code into our comparison tool to find out.

History of Deregulation in Ohio

In 1992, the Federal Energy Regulatory commission (FERC) enacted Order No. 636. This was created to stimulate competition in the natural gas market on a national level. It also cut out shortages that affected parts of the country in the past.

Before the groundbreaking 1992 FERC order, pipeline companies sold natural gas bundled with pipeline transport costs to local utility companies known as local distribution companies, or LDCs.

Now pipeline companies must move gas without this added transport cost. This means suppliers could compete to buy gas throughout the nation.

Ohio passed the Natural Gas Alternative Regulation law in 1996. This law put customer choice as an official State policy goal. By 1997, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) set regulations that encouraged major pipeline companies to stop bundling their sales within the state.

By 2001, there were many reforms to the market with the House Bill 9 amendment being the biggest. This changed many how local governments compete and buy natural gas. More importantly, it required retail suppliers to have certification through PUCO.

Who Can Buy Deregulated Natural Gas Services?

Residents and business owners have ample choice for their natural gas supply. In 2005 and 2008, Ohioans voted for local aggregation programs for towns and municipalities. It put control into the local government’s hands to buy natural gas on behalf of residents. It also gave people the opportunity to opt out. You’re not required by law to buy directly from your local energy provider. This means you can take advantage of a deregulated market. Shop for predetermined, exclusive packages via our comparison tool. Many Ohioans choose to shop for their natural gas supplier. Doing so means they will often pay less as third-party alternatives can offer better rates. If you can opt out of your local, PUCO-regulated utility rate, you have the option to shop for a third-party supplier. With either option, your local utility company will still deliver natural gas to your home. Not everyone in Ohio has access to a deregulated energy market. To see if you qualify, enter your zip code and select ‘gas’ via our comparison tool.

Who Provides Natural Gas in Ohio?

Currently, there are 24 natural gas LDCs in Ohio. These four are the largest natural gas utilities in the state for both businesses and residences:

  • Columbia Gas of Ohio
  • Dominion East Ohio
  • Duke Energy
  • Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio.

The LCD in your area is responsible for maintaining and managing the natural gas distribution in your area. If there’s any cause for concern, you should contact them, not your supplier.

Just Moved to Ohio?

Ohio has an ongoing and vested interest in making the energy market fair and competitive for all Ohioans.

You will quickly discover that you have many options for how you receive and buy your natural gas. With Powersetter, you can find fixed-rate options ranging from 6 months to four years.

Enter your new zip code into our comparison tool, select gas, and start shopping!

What Natural Gas Plans Are Available in Ohio With Powersetter?

Fixed-Rate Plans - A fixed-rate plan sets a standard monthly price for a fixed term. What you pay every month stays the same, regardless of your usage. It’s the ideal solution for long-term users or those wanting to budget their consumption. Powersetter offers fixed plans ranging from 6 months to 4 years.
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