Did you know you can search, compare, and switch energy suppliers in Ohio? As an Ohio resident, you have multiple options when choosing your energy supplier. Like shopping for a hotel or flight, you can shop a deregulated energy market to find a plan that suits you.

4 Simple Steps to Start Saving with Powersetter

  • Enter Your Zip Code
  • Review Savings & Fixed Plans
  • Choose & Click ‘Sign Up’
  • Submit Details

To begin saving, simply input your Ohio zip code into the search box. Click ‘compare rates’ to see what suppliers and fixed-rate plans are available for your home or business. Select your plan, enter your details, and that’s it! We handle the entire switching process - all at no cost to you. We will contact both your old and new providers, and make the switch as painless as possible. Our goal is to have everything sorted out by your next billing cycle.

Why Use Powersetter to Compare?

  • Fixed-Rate Plans - take the guesswork out of your energy bill and set your fixed term and rate
  • Green Energy Solutions - help the environment with the option to select from renewable energy options
  • Trustworthy Suppliers - we have long-term and vetted relationships with every supplier we partner with
  • Preferred Rates & Partnerships - get access to exclusive rates that are only available through Powersetter


Duke Energy Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

AEP - Ohio Power Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

AEP - Columbus Southern Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

Ohio Edison

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

Dayton Power Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

Toledo Edison

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

The Illuminating Company

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)


Duke Energy Service Area

(Price to Compare 62.08¢ per CCF and average monthly usage of 60 CCFs)

Vectren Energy Service Area

(Price to Compare 60.92¢ per CCF and average monthly usage of 60 CCFs)

Columbia Gas of Ohio Service Area

(Price to Compare 60.92¢ per CCF and average monthly usage of 60 CCFs)

Dominion Energy Service Area

(Price to Compare 60.92¢ per MCCF and average monthly usage of 60 MCCFs)

Ohio Residential & Business Energy Rates

Many Ohio residents and business owners have no idea they can search, compare, and switch their energy provider.

Millions of property owners throughout the state have made the switch to save over 20% on their energy bill. But it’s reported that half of Ohio still doesn’t know they have access to a deregulated energy market and that they may be overpaying for their electricity and gas.

Energy Deregulation in Ohio

Deregulation simply means that business and resident owners can choose their energy supplier. It also means that suppliers have to compete for your business.

Because of this, deregulated energy markets offer more perks like longer contract terms, lower prices, renewable energy options, or reward programs.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have a local utility company. You do. They’re in charge of managing lines, reading your meter, and many will still send customers a comprehensive bill every month.

They’re just not your electric or natural gas provider. Your supplier works with your local Ohio utility company to set the predetermined package you select for your property.

History of Deregulation in Ohio

Prior to 1999, eight companies controlled 90% of Ohio’s energy market. But for the past twenty years, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, or PUCO, has been working on behalf of its people to give residents and business owners a choice.

PUCO received the necessary boost in power in 1999, with Senate Bill 3. This bill began to place much needed regulations on these major providers and allowed the consumer to have more agency in their consumption of natural resources. Ultimately, this led to the 2001 deregulation of Ohio energy.

Bills continued to pass through 2008 with Senate Bill 221 and the requirement of Standard Service Offers among utility companies.

In the Ohio energy industry’s current state, these bills are aimed at continuing to deregulate the industry and to protect and empower residents.

Who Can Buy Deregulated Energy Services?

For those living in a deregulated part of Ohio, you’re able to have a choice as to who supplies your electricity or gas.

You’re not obligated to buy a new energy plan, and your local utility service will still offer energy to your home or business at their standard rate.

Default rates from local utilities are often more expensive than the ones available from deregulated providers. This is simply because the deregulated rates you find on Powersetter are often exclusive to us and are lower than the default rates offered by your local energy company.

Deregulated electricity or gas plans aren’t available to all Ohio residents. If you’re interested in seeing if you have the option to switch, enter your zip code into our plan finder to see what is available in your area.

Who Provides Energy in Ohio

Deregulation can feel complicated, especially when trying to understand who provides your natural gas and electricity services. Our mission is to make everything clear for Ohio homeowners so you’re more aware of your options and affordable plans.

Twenty years ago, power was controlled by four major corporations, but today Energy Choice Ohio is the supplier of Ohio’s energy.

Ohio residents now have an abundance of choices when it comes to their energy supplier. However, local utility companies still manage the facilities, so if there is an emergency or power outage, remember to contact you local utility company - not your supplier.

Just Moved to Ohio?

Welcome! You’ve moved to a state that values your choice to pick where your energy comes from.

There are many energy providers in Ohio that are offering competitive natural gas and electricity rates, fixed contracts, and green energy options. You can still search, compare, and switch even if you’ve set your energy supply with your local utility company.

Begin by entering your zip code into our comparison tool. Then review and sign up for the best option for you.

What Renewable Energy Options Are Available in Ohio?

Did you know that many Ohio partners can offer between 25%-100% energy from green sources? You may even find that your supplier gives you the option to buy renewable energy certificates that may help reduce your carbon footprint.

In Ohio there are many green initiatives, and the state is strengthening its efforts to do better.

Currently, renewable energy is offered via the use of wind power, community solar panels, and zero-down efficient products as part of a pay-as-you-save plan.

Wind Power - The 50% Wind Energy plan is simple to use, free to register, and environmentally conscious.

Solar Panels - Rather than installing a personal solar panel on your property, Ohio residents can opt for a community solar-savings program. This is especially beneficial for renters who are unable to install solar panels, or homeowners who simply don’t have the time or money, but still want to be environmentally friendly.

Pay-As-You-Save - LED bulbs and Wiser Air Smart Thermostats are just some of the products offered with this zero-down efficient plan.

What Plans Are Available in Ohio With Powersetter?

Fixed-Rate Plan - Fixed-rate plans promise stability with consistent monthly rates. Regardless of the market, your rate stays the same. The length of your term can start at six months and last for up to three years, depending on your preference.

Green/Renewable Energy Plan - Ohio residents who want to reduce their impact on the environment can opt in to this power-saving plan. They can also customize just how much of their power comes from renewable sources, with the option of up to 100%.
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