Did you know you can search, compare, and switch electricity suppliers in Ohio? As an Ohio resident, you have multiple options when choosing your electricity supplier. Like shopping for a hotel or flight, you can shop a deregulated energy market to find a plan that suits you.

4 Simple Steps to Start Saving with Powersetter

  • Enter Your Zip Code
  • Review Savings & Fixed Plans
  • Choose & Click ‘Sign Up’
  • Submit Details

To begin saving, simply input your Ohio zip code into the search. Click ‘compare rates’ to see what exclusive suppliers and fixed-rate plans are available for your home or business. Select your plan, enter your details, and that’s it. We handle the entire switching process all at no cost to you. We will contact both your old and new provider and make the switch for you. Our goal is to have everything sorted by your next billing cycle.

Why Use Powersetter to Compare Electric Rates?

Fixed-Rate Plans - take the guesswork out of your electricity bill and set your fixed term and rate
Green Energy Solutions - help the environment with the option to select from renewable energy options
Trustworthy Suppliers - we have long-term and vetted relationships with every provider we partner with
Preferred Rates & Partnerships - get access to exclusive rates and suppliers that are only available through Powersetter


Duke Energy Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

AEP - Ohio Power Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

AEP - Columbus Southern Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

Ohio Edison

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

Dayton Power Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

Toledo Edison

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

The Illuminating Company

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

Ohio Residential & Business Electricity Rates

Most Ohioans have no idea they can search, compare, and switch their electricity provider. In fact, it’s reported that over half of the state doesn’t realize they’re part of a deregulated energy market. Millions of home and business owners have made the switch. They have saved over 20% on their electricity bill. However, many are still overpaying for their electricity. Are you one of them? You don’t have to be! Input your zip code today to see what plans are available in your area.

Electricity Deregulation in Ohio

Deregulation means both business and resident owners have a choice in who supplies their electricity. A deregulated electricity market lends itself to a more options because it forces suppliers to compete for your business. This is why you’ll likely discover better perks in a deregulated market. Perks include better contract conditions, reward incentives, cheaper prices, and green energy solutions. But, what about your local electricity company? Yes, you still have one. It’s up to them to manage electricity lines and read your meter. Many property owners still will receive an electric bill from them every month. Yet, they’re not your electricity supplier. Your supplier partners with your local utility company to offer the package and price you select for your home or business. Curious if you can choose your electricity supplier? Simply enter your zip code in our comparison tool to find out.

History of Deregulation in Ohio

The Public Utilities Commision of Ohio, or PUCO, has spent the past 20 years working to help Ohioans have more choice for electricity supply. Before 1999, eight companies controlled 90% of the energy market in Ohio. But when Senate Bill 3 passed, PUCO was able bolster their handle on energy supply. Why? Senate Bill 3 strengthened regulations on energy providers. Simultaneously, it allowed the public more control of how they were consuming and buying electricity.

By 2001, the state of Ohio adopted a deregulated energy market. Progress in this arena continued well into 2008 with Senate Bill 221. This bill called for a remake in the benchmarks with which utility companies must comply. As well, it encouraged renewable energy options. These bills continue to serve Ohio residents and business owners by keeping the industry deregulated.

Who Can Buy Deregulated Electricity Services?

Residents and businesses in a deregulated area of Ohio can choose who supplies their electricity. You don’t have to select a third party to supply your electricity. If desired, you can buy directly with your local utility service at their standard rates. But millions of Ohioans choose not to do this. Why? Because rates from local utility services are often more expensive than those from third-party providers. Plus, the special rates you find using Powersetter are exclusive. They will usually be cheaper than the rates your local supplier offers. Not all Ohio residents have access to deregulated electricity. Enter your zip code into our finder to see if you’re in an area that allows you to switch.

Who Provides Electricity in Ohio?

A couple decades ago, four major players controlled Ohio’s electricity market. Now, Energy Choice Ohio operates this market. Residents and business owners throughout the state are rich in choice when it comes to their electricity supplier. However, this is only applicable if they’re in a deregulated part of the state. Suppliers are not responsible for maintenance or management. Local providers will continue to manage facilities. This means your local office is the point of contact for emergencies or power outages.

Just Moved to Ohio?

Spectacular! You’re now a resident of a state that’s put your choice first when it comes to your electricity supply. You will quickly discover there numerous electricity suppliers in Ohio. Choose from competitive pricing at fixed rates. You even have green energy solutions. This means you can reduce your carbon footprint while saving money. Just enter your new zip code into our comparison tool, review our premier deals, and sign up.

What Renewable Electricity Options Are Available in Ohio?

Many PowerSetter’s Ohio electricity partners offer renewable energy plans. These plans range from 25% to 100% energy that’s sourced from renewable alternatives, like solar or wind.

You can get electricity from the following options:

Wind Power - Choose the 50% Wind Energy Plan. It’s simple, free to register, and environmentally forward thinking.
Solar Panels - Solar panels are expensive to buy and install on your property. Instead of doing this, opt for community solar-savings programs. With this, you can source your energy from a community shared solar-panel farm. It’s a popular option among renters or homeowners who can’t afford to own or install solar panels.
Pay-As-You-Save - Consider LED bulbs or Smart Thermostats on this zero-down efficiency plan.

What Plans Are Available in Ohio With Powersetter?

Fixed Plan: A fixed plan offers stability and set monthly rates. This is great for long-term buyers or those on a budget. You’ll have the option to sign up for a contract anywhere between six months to three years. Your rate remains the same regardless of your usage.
Green/Renewable: This option is perfect for Ohio residents who are concerned about the environment. This category encompasses many different rates and choices. You have the option to predetermine how much of your electricity comes from renewable sources. You can even opt for 100%.
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