New York City Energy Rates

New York City is one of the most populous cities in United States. With 8.5 million people and over 3 million households the city consumes 65 thousand Gwh of electricity annually. Historically, the large chunk of that energy was supplied by Indian Point nuclear plant located 50 miles north of the city. However, with its expected closure the city has ambitious plans to position itself as a leader in green energy. Not only New York City has committed to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, it is heavily investing into waste and solar renewable energies to power its way into the future.

Energy Deregulation in the state gave consumers power to choose and many city residents use that option wisely. Alternative energy suppliers or ESCOs that provide electricity and gas to customers offer green energy plans aimed to reduce carbon footprint and save the environment. PowerSetter helps New Yorkers make educated decision by providing tools that allow comparing energy rates, finding cheapest electric and gas rates, and seamlessly switching energy supplier. Using available options, consumers not only can protect the planet, but save money on their electric and gas bills!


ConEd - NYC Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)


National Grid Service Area

(Price to Compare 62.08¢ per Therm and average monthly usage of 60 Therms)

ConEd Service Area

(Price to Compare 60.92¢ per Therm and average monthly usage of 60 Therms)
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