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National Grid is a British gas and electric company with headquarters in Warwick, United Kingdom. The company came into existence when the Central Electricity Generating Board broke into four companies in the 1990s. National Grid was originally responsible for downstream activities, but they acquired and merged with several utility companies throughout the 2000s, including New England Electric System, Eastern Utilities Associates, and Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation.

Today, National Grid operates a high-voltage electricity network in England, Wales, and Scotland, and the company owns and operates the National Transmission System, a gas transmission network. In the United States, National Grid serves New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island and operates more than 9,000 miles of high-voltage electricity transmission. They have about 3.3 million electric customers and 3.4 million natural gas customers. Their U.S. headquarters are in Waltham, Massachusetts in a certified green facility.

National Grid has numerous subsidiary companies, including the New England Power Company, Massachusetts Electric Company, Narragansett Electric Company, and Boston Gas Company. They're one of the biggest investor-owned utility companies in the world. In 2017, they signed an agreement with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to modernize the grid and make the system more resilient.

National Grid currently operates 5 megawatts of solar generation, and they have plans for many more solar projects. The company offers renewable energy through their GreenUp program, which connects customers with renewable energy companies. Customers can keep National Grid as their supplier, but part or all of their electricity is generated from renewable resources. This program is available in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. National Grid also owns New Energy Solutions, a team dedicated to developing renewable energy solutions in the Northeast United States.

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Quick Facts

  • Services over 3.3 million electric customers across NY, MA, RI
  • Services over 3 million natural gas customers across three states
  • Spawns over 80,000 miles of electric transmission and distribution lines
  • Maintains over 8,000 miles of gas pipelines
  • Deliveries over 8 TWh of electricity to its residential and commercial customers annually

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National Grid Customer Service Information:

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P.O. Box 960, Northborough, MA 01532-0960


1-800-465-1212 (MA and RI Customers)

1-800-867-5222 (NY Customers)


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