Did you know you can search, compare, and switch energy suppliers in New Jersey? As an Ohio resident, you have multiple options when choosing your energy supplier. Like shopping for a hotel or flight, you can shop a deregulated energy market to find a plan that suits you.

4 Simple Steps to Start Saving with Powersetter

  • Enter Your Zip Code
  • Review Savings & Fixed Plans
  • Choose & Click ‘Sign Up’
  • Submit Details

To begin saving, simply input your New Jersey zip code into the search box. Click ‘compare rates’ to see what suppliers and fixed-rate plans are available for your home or business. Select your plan, enter your details, and that’s it! We handle the entire switching process - all at no cost to you. We will contact both your old and new providers, and make the switch as painless as possible. Our goal is to have everything sorted out by your next billing cycle.

Why Use Powersetter to Compare?

  • Fixed-Rate Plans - take the guesswork out of your energy bill and set your fixed term and rate
  • Green Energy Solutions - help the environment with the option to select from renewable energy options
  • Trustworthy Suppliers - we have long-term and vetted relationships with every supplier we partner with
  • Preferred Rates & Partnerships - get access to exclusive rates that are only available through Powersetter


PSEG Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 720 Kwh)

Jersey Central Power & Light Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 720 Kwh)

Atlantic City Electric Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 720 Kwh)

Rockland Electric Company Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 720 Kwh)


PSEG Service Area

(Price to Compare 62.08¢ per Therm and average monthly usage of 60 Therms)

Elizabethtown Service Area

(Price to Compare 60.92¢ per Therm and average monthly usage of 60 Therms)

New Jersey Natural Gas Service Area

(Price to Compare 60.92¢ per Therm and average monthly usage of 60 Therms)

South Jersey Gas Service Area

(Price to Compare 60.92¢ per Therm and average monthly usage of 60 Therms)

New Jersey Residential & Business Energy Rates

Ready to compare energy rates and save money? Powersetter helps both home and business owners compare, switch, and save on their energy costs in New Jersey.

Deregulation in New Jersey

Since the 1990s, residents of New Jersey no longer have to be tied to the power company's rates for electricity. This is significant because you can now shop for better electricity rates, and potentially save hundreds of dollars a year on energy bills. Some states still regulate energy prices, meaning that customers have no choice over what rates they pay, or who they pay. In New Jersey, however, you have an option to choose your energy provider and reduce your energy bills.

History of Deregulation

Deregulation means that New Jersey electric customers can choose from different electricity suppliers. The delivery of the energy (meaning, how the power gets to the house of the customer) is still under the regulation of the state. New Jersey has deregulated electric and gas since 1990 in order to provide residents/customers with retail access to electric suppliers so they can lower their electric bills. In layman's terms, this means that although the electricity is getting to the customer in the same way (via the state's utility company), the company supplying that electricity can vary, which is how different rates come about.

Who Can Buy Deregulated Energy Services?

Any resident of New Jersey is eligible to purchase deregulated energy from alternative supplier. There are no prerequisites to be eligible. There are no additional fees incurred to make the switch, no new equipment that needs to be installed, nor is there an interruption in service. It is simply a way to get the same service for less. Currently, only 20% of the state's electric customers switched to alternative supplier. An even lower 10% of natural gas customers have changed their provider. The savings to switch are significant at about 20% - so why isn't everyone switching? Not everyone knows about deregulation, and even fewer people know whether or not it's available in their area. We want to change that. To find out if you're eligible to choose your own energy rate, type your zip code into our plan finder.

Who Provides Energy in New Jersey?

New Jersey electricity utilities include:

  • PSE&G - Electric
  • Jersey Central Power and Light
  • Rockland Electric
  • Atlantic City Electric

New Jersey natural gas utilities include:

  • PSE&G - Gas
  • South Jersey Gas
  • Elizabethtown Gas
  • New Jersey Natural Gas

There is a multitude of options when it comes to shopping around for cheaper power rates. Don't stick with the old variable-rate any longer!

Just Moved to New Jersey?

When moving to a new city, there are several things that need to be done. You have to change your address, update licenses plates, update drivers licenses, and much more. However, be sure to add the check for the electricity prices to your list! Most people simply assume that energy is regulated and has a fixed price per wattage, as has normally been the case in the last few decades. However since New Jersey has deregulated energy prices, customers can shop around for cheaper electricity prices. Switching energy providers when you move will save you hundreds of dollars for the year.

What Renewable Energy Options Are Available in New Jersey?

New Jersey has several options for renewable energy. These options are:

New Jersey CleanPower Choice - CleanPower Choice allows customers to use cleaner energy options without having to install any new equipment in their home or business. It can be set up with a simple phone call and paid directly to CleanPower Choice.

Photovoltaic Energy - Photovoltaic Energy is a solar energy: it takes the sunlight and converts it directly to energy.

Wind Energy - Wind energy uses the movement of wind turbines to create energy.

Biomass Energy - Biomass energy is energy derived from plants, animal waste, or organic matter. Through combustion, biomass uses heat to create steam which turns turbines to produce energy.

Learn more about renewable energy plans in your area with our comparison tool.

What Plans Are Available in New Jersey With Powersetter?

With Powersetter, there is an option of a fixed-rate plan, a green/renewable plan, or a mix of both a fixed-rate green plan. The bill from the utility company will be the same, and it will still be in charge of any outages or emergencies, as they are still the ones delivering electricity. The only difference will be the new supplier.

Fixed Rate

Fixed rate plans mean you pay the same for your power no matter how much you use. It also protects consumers from sharp rises in energy costs. To allow for easy budgeting each month, sign up for a fixed rate plan.


Green (or renewable) energy has a lesser impact on the environment. It aims not to use up the world's fossil fuel stocks, and instead rely on renewable sources. Opting to use this type of energy not only benefits the environment, but could also be a sound financial decision. Start saving while helping the environment NOW!

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