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Public Service Electric and Gas Company, or PSE&G, is the largest subsidiary of the Public Service Enterprise Group, or PSEG. PSE&G is the oldest and biggest investor-owned gas and electricity provider in New Jersey. It originated as Public Service Corporation in 1903, which was a merger of over 400 electric, gas, and transportation companies. In 1928, the electric and gas utilities merged into a single company, which became known as PSE&G. In 1980, the company sold their transportation operations and became exclusively a utility business. In 1985, the Public Service Enterprise Group was created to take control over PSE&G.

PSE&G has headquarters in Newark, New Jersey. The company serves a 2,600-square-mile area from Bergen County to Gloucester County that includes the six largest cities in New Jersey. They have about 2.2 million electric customers and 1.8 million gas customers in over 300 cities and towns. While PSE&G only provides electricity to New Jersey, the Public Service Enterprise Group serves over a million customers in Queens, Nassau County, and Suffolk County.

PSE&G offers renewable electricity in the form of wind and solar power. Customers can opt to receive clean and renewable energy for a slight increase in their monthly bill. For a typical household, the price increase for renewable energy is usually only a few dollars per month.

In 2009, the Public Service Enterprise Group began a $773 million project to install solar panels on 200,000 utility poles throughout New Jersey. The job was completed in 2013 and was one of the largest solar power projects in the world. The company is currently building four solar farms in New Jersey to continue their renewable energy efforts.

In 2017, PSE&G was recognized by PA Consulting as the most reliable Mid-Atlantic utility company. In 2018, Wired Group included PSE&G in their list of top utilities in the United States, and Cogent Report recognized them as a Most Trusted Brand.

PSE&G Electric Service Area Map

Quick Facts

  • Services over 2.2 million electric customers
  • Services over 1.8 million natural gas customers
  • Spawns over 100,000 miles of electric transmission and distribution lines
  • Maintains over 2,000 miles of gas pipelines
  • Generated over 31 TWh of electricity in 2017

PSE&G Electric Rates in New Jersey

PSE&G Natural Gas Rates in New Jersey

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