Most experts believe the future is bright for New Hampshire's utilities under energy deregulation. The past 10 years has proven the switch has done exactly what it intended to do, making it more appealing to more electrical customers.

The New Hampshire State Legislature initiated a bill in 1996 mandating the state public utility commission to create a plan implementing an electric choice for consumers. The deadline for the plan to be established was 1998. The first electric utility embraced energy deregulation in 1998 with others following in 2001 and 2003.

The purpose for sparking the change was to open up a competitive market, eventually driving down energy cost. New Hampshire was the first state in the country to try it and several others have joined in the idea since then. Under New Hampshire's plan, the generation fleets of the investor-owned utility companies are divested, leaving the utilities purely for transmission and power delivery.

It has taken years for competition to reshape the market. A few alternative electric suppliers have entered the market when it just opened up, but officials say it is much more competitive now as others are moving in. The results are better residential and business rates.

Around 2010-2011 New Hampshire electricity deregulated market exploded with low energy prices and the number of new suppliers servicing the area. Natural gas has become so inexpensive that number of power plants started competing fiercely to sell their excess supply. It also led to tough bidding by merchant plants on the NEISO energy system, cutting the plants' margins, but significantly benefiting the end-customers.

Business and industrial consumers jumped on board, switching in full force, in part due to a heavy discounts and rewards offered by the alternative electric providers to get foothold in the state. Residential customers have moved at much slower pace. By 2012 only 5% of residential customers made the switch. The primary reason for not switching is residents simply didn't know they had the option or understood how they could benefit from energy deregulation.

Now the New Hampshire deregulated markets have matured. More residential and commercial customers are taking advantage of the lower prices afforded by the deregulation, reducing their energy costs. You could be one of them as the switching process is very simple. Just compare plans available in your area, fill-in a simple enrollment form (note: your utility bill is required!), and the rest will be done for you. Please be assured you will never lose power during the process, and your local utility will always be available to answer any questions or concerns with the power outages you might experience. And the end-result? You could be saving as much as 20% on your electric bill. Do not delay and start shopping for your best electric rate NOW


Eversouce - NH Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.99¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

Unitil Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 650 Kwh)

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