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Georgia Energy Deregulation

National energy deregulation is the wave of the future with many states, including Georgia, opting to give their consumers more choice and control over their gas providers. Currently, gas is deregulated in Georgia, and consumers can choose from a variety of different suppliers like Constellation, Atlanta Power Light, Georgia Natural Gas, True Natural Gas, Walton Gas, Infinite Energy, and others.

In the late 1990s Georgia passed Senate Bill 215 and deregulation began. The bill was signed by then-Governor Zell Miller and Georgians enjoyed a plethora of new energy options beginning on July 1, 1998. With deregulation, consumers were able to opt for the companies that worked best for them and explore other sources of alternative energy such as electric and other new energy options like solar power.

The stated goals of Georgia’s deregulation efforts were to foster healthy competition, provide additional consumer protection and dissuade monopolies. The bill also promoted safe and transparent energy options and good service. It also addressed the issue of price-gouging by fostering new competition that would keep rates at competitive and fair prices. These competitors provided a lot of consumer protection also. With more options at their fingertips, consumers were no longer at the mercy of predatory gas companies and free to use leverage to get the quality of service that they wanted. A general price guide gave consumers valuable information about what they should be realistically spending.

Deregulation also prompted consumers to get creative with energy alternatives. Currently Georgia is one of the top ten solar states, with many of its residents turning to the sun to power their homes. The abundance of information about benefits of renewable energy clearly helps these developments, making Georgia a cleaner place to live.

Businesses in virtually every area of the energy sector stand to benefit from Georgia’s deregulation. With fewer restrictions, they find it easier to compete in the marketplace, offering more creative solutions to the end consumers.

Deregulation in Georgia enabled residents to have more options, more price flexibility and greater control over their energy decisions. You could take advantage of available options too by comparing gas rates from the top suppliers NOW!


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