How to Switch Energy Supplier and Save Money on your Electric or Gas Bill

While switching energy supplier is not a complicated process, it is nevertheless requires either knowledge or careful analysis. For one, there are a few hundred Energy Service Companies (ESCO) offering alternative energy in deregulated states, ranging from small local operators with limited product lineup to very large, serving millions of customers across US. Given the large number of suppliers it could be difficult to choose which option is right for you, not to mention the plan alternatives from shorter term conventional to longer term green. At PowerSetter we provide a simple way to compare plans from the most reputable ESCOs, make a seamless switch, and start saving money on your energy bill. Just follow four simple steps outlined below:

1) Go to and enter your zip code in the box provided

Enter New York or Connecticut zip code and click ‘COMPARE RATES’. The initial search is defaulted to electric rates, but you can change it to natural gas by clicking drop down box showing Electric.

2) Compare various plans

The search returns various electric and gas plans sorted by lowest rate. The displayed results also include estimated savings, term and fee details, green percentage and ratings based on existing customer reviews. This screen shows in-depth analysis of ESCO plans and helps evaluate various options offered.

3) Estimate savings

Though not required for the ESCO switch, you can estimate your annual savings by changing 'Your Rate' and 'Avg Monthly Use' boxes to reflect your actual average usage and estimated supply rate. Please use What is Your Variable Rate as a guide in estimating your rate. While we estimate annual savings for you using historical utility prices, our displayed rates might be slightly different from what you would see on your bill given variations in billing cycles. We suggest taking a few sample bills reflecting various seasonal periods to get an idea of your average rate and energy usage.

4) Switch energy supplier

Finally you are ready to switch! Click 'Go Sign Up' link and you will be redirected to the signup page where you will enter your personal information, and will be contacted by supplier within a few business dates congratulating you on your decision. Please be assured we take your privacy seriously, and make sure your private information is not shared or sold to unintended recipients.

You are done switching electric and/or gas suppliers, and should see the switch reflected within one or two billing cycles. You will continue to receive a single bill from your utility with the supply portion showing the ESCO of your choice.

You can start the process here!

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