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What is Power To Choose?

Throughout many areas of the state, Texas residents are empowered to choose their energy provider. This is compared to many other states where residents are forced to draw energy from one specific provider. With choice comes the opportunity to save money. However, in order to do so, you must research the options and identify the plans that are most cost-effective for your needs.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas has created an online resource for residents to use as they compare plans. This resource, Power to Choose, is an unbiased source for you to obtain information about the utility providers who service your specific area. A key component of the source being unbiased is that all electricity providers can list their rates and plans at no cost.

How It Works

While electricity is deregulated throughout the state, many utility service providers only provide plans in a limited geographic area. Therefore, you need a way to search for plans available to you specifically. Through Power to Choose, you can complete a zip code search to find the programs that are available in your area. The website also has a filtering tool so that you can narrow down your list of possibilities based on your energy goals and needs.

Finding the Right Plan for Your Home

There are many factors to consider as you search for an energy plan for your home. Cost is often a leading factor, but you cannot determine the most affordable plan based simply on the advertised rate. For example, the size and age of the home are relevant as you prepare to switch providers. The age of your home’s HVAC system and other major appliance will impact how much energy your home uses regularly. In addition, whether your home uses electricity for the heater, the range and other appliances could be important factors to consider. You can research your home’s monthly energy consumption throughout the year to identify your usage patterns.

Types of Energy Plans

As you compare energy plans, you may quickly discover that there are two primary types of plans. These are plans with a fixed rate and a variable rate. Generally, plans with a fixed rate lock you into that rate for the length of the contract period. Variable rates often adjust monthly or when the program’s rates change based on market fluctuations. Electricity rates may fluctuate minimally at times, but there are instances when the rates may bolt upward or downward dramatically. It is difficult to accurately predict which way electricity rates will move and how significant the movement may be.

Other Factors to Consider

While saving money through lower electricity bills is a top priority, other factors must be considered as well. For example, the company’s rating for reliability and customer service is important. Many utility plans require you to pay an up-front security deposit. The amount of the deposit and the amount that may be refunded to you at the end of your service period will affect your total cost of service. Many electricity service providers also lock their customers into a contract. Contract plans may have more affordable rates, but they do not leave you room to change your plan if a better opportunity arises. Because energy rates fluctuate, locking yourself into a long contract may not always be the most cost-effective solution.

A Better Way to Find a New Energy Plan

Power to Choose is not the only resource that you can use to compare energy plans available in Texas. We provide you with a user-friendly way to explore the plans that are available in your zip code. We have assembled a comprehensive and searchable list that contains all relevant factors for your consideration. This includes where the energy is sourced from, such as how much of the energy is derived from wind or solar sources. This provides you with a convenient way to find a plan that is affordable for your budget and that meets your expectations for green energy. Through our platform, you can also narrow down the range of plans based on fixed or variable rates, contract length, deposit amount and more.

The ability to choose your electricity provider offers exciting opportunities, and now is the right time to explore the plans available to you. Use our website to quickly find your new energy plan.

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