Connecticut Energy Deregulation

Connecticut deregulated electricity markets in 2000 and gave consumers an option to choose a third party electricity supply company. The Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) adopted legislation PA 98-28 in 1998, that ordered state utilities to unbundle their supply and delivery services and open electricity markets to competition. Since then over six hundred thousand households took advantage of the available options and switched to an alternative energy supplier. These customers account for 40% of all electricity sold in the state. The Connecticut migration rate to competitive suppliers is one of the highest in the nation growing by 4-5% annually. Additionally, Connecticut adopted a renewable portfolio standard requiring all alternative electricity providers to sell certain amount of energy from renewable sources.

If you are looking to join the growing number of residents and businesses who evaluate available options and take control of their energy bills, the process is quite simple: just look at the various plans below, find the most suitable, click ‘Sign up’ and you will be on your way to save money and the environment!


Eversource - Connecticut Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 720 Kwh)

United Illuminating - Connecticut Service Area

(Price to Compare 9.17¢ per Kwh and average monthly usage of 720 Kwh)

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