As the largest digital-only retail energy comparison platform, we not only enroll thousands of new customers per month but also manage more than 250,000 of our existing happy customers who have given us excellent reviews. Our typical customer is someone interested in reducing their energy bills by comparing and switching to the best electricity supplier without installing any equipment. It's only natural that more than 70% of our customers are delighted to learn that they can also receive additional guaranteed discounts on their total bills, not only on the supply portion, simply by adding a community solar option.

You pay your door-to-door or telemarketing agents for customers who cancel your community solar enrollments, and you are out of commissions. We share that risk with you. Since our retail energy customers come back to us to renew their electricity contracts, we have a constant stream of customers and, as a result, are comfortable providing you with a long claw-back provision. That means we will replace any customer for any reason within 180 days.

We firmly believe that digital methods are the future when it comes to community solar customer acquisition. As commissions for community solar customer acquisition are decreasing, relying on door-to-door or telemarketing agents, whose actions and statements you cannot control, as well as ineffective methods like junk postcards and spam emails, will not be able to keep pace. Instead, by leveraging targeted and efficient digital approaches, we can tap into the high synergies that exist between our customers, who proactively compare energy suppliers, and those who are interested in community solar.

We understand the increasing significance of Low-to-Moderate Income (LMI) customers for the community solar industry. A substantial portion of our customer base consists of Low-to-Moderate Income (LMI) customers, highlighting our existing capability to serve this important demographic.

Our existing customer base, synergies, and virtually the same enrollment process allow us to seamlessly offer community solar as both a stand-alone product and an "add-on" option. With this approach, we are confident in outperforming any commission rates offered by other companies that rely on non-digital methods for acquiring community solar customers. Please send us an email to learn more. 

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