CMP Rate is 10.84 ¢/kWh
Cheapest Supplier is 11.49 ¢/kWh
Yes, You Can Choose Your Own SupplierYour electricity bill is divided into two parts: delivery and supply. While there is nothing you can do about the delivery part, as it is owned by the utility, you can manage your supply part and choose your electricity supplier. The process is instant, digital, and free. 

Come Back and Do It AgainCompare all suppliers and sign up with the cheapest one. Get a fixed rate for a number of months. Right before your contract expires, come back, compare all suppliers again, and sign up with the cheapest one again. That is a smart way to manage your electricity bills.  

Lock-In a Low, Fixed, Budget-Certain RateWhy worry about higher rates, when you can simply get a piece of mind by comparing all suppliers and locking into a fixed, budget-certain, low rate?

Compare All Suppliers. Choose CheapestSince the quality of electricity is exactly the same, why would anyone overpay for it? Simply compare all available suppliers and choose the cheapest one.

You Are Changing Supplier. Not UtilityRemember, you are only changing your supplier, not your utility. Your utility will still be responsible for any service interruptions, your billing and customer service.



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