Understanding Your Con Edison Bill

Con Edison bills are divided into a few sections showing overall, delivery and supply charges separately. While the first page (not shown) presents name, address, account, rate type, utility contact information, and summary of the charges, the second page delves into details of delivery and supply fees and adjustments. Below we only present the second page of the bill, highlighting the charges incurred during a month.

Con Edison Bill

Highlighted sections are as follows:

Orange and Green break down your supply and delivery charges into market price, the actual price ConEd paid for the electricity delivered to your home, and various surcharges. While delivery expense cannot be avoided, supply cost can be lowered if you switch energy supplier.

Red sections show how your ACTUAL electric and gas rate is calculated. It is NOT the market supply rate published by ConEd, but rater a number that factors in all the fees and surcharges. Here are some some definitions of the highlighted sections on your bill.

307 kWh - your total electricity use
9.3¢ per kWh - your variable rate reported by ConEd
$1.20 - your billing and payment processing charge, which may be avoided if you switch to a fixed-rate supplier
9.69¢ per kWh - your adjusted variable rate

Historical ConEd Rate

Source: https://www.coned.com/-/media/files/coned/documents/accountandbilling/about-your-bill-rates/average_monthly_electric_bills.pdf

ConEd rate - last year

Source: average electricity rates of customers

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